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Combs Gottlieb & MacQueen, P.C. sets itself apart from other Arizona real estate law firms by promoting an atmosphere of knowledge and experience through professionalism and team work. Top Arizona real estate lawyer Chris Combs, formidable litigator Ben Gottlieb, and accomplished transactional attorney Patrick MacQueen achieve excellent results for their clients in a wide array of real estate legal areas of practice. These areas of practice include general real estate law, business law, litigation, arbitration and mediation, as well as estate planning and probate.
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Recent Articles

Exceptions to Real Estate Disclosure Requirements

Exceptions to Real Estate Disclosure Requirements    Question: In your columns you are always talking about the obligation to disclose a “nasty neighbor.” Our next door neighbor’s [more]

Arizona Statute of Repose Limits Claims for Construction Defects

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HOA Pros and Cons

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Neighborhood Nuisance Disclosure

Neighborhood Nuisance Disclosure   Question: In a recent column you said that a seller of a home had to disclose a “nasty neighbor” next door. Why? Some [more]

Are HOA Parking Rules Enforceable in Arizona?

Are HOA Parking Rules Enforceable in Arizona?   Question: At the time that our community was developed in 2005, the roads were dedicated to the City of Chandler. The [more]